Our cast glass, wall-mounted birds appear to move with the changing light creating enchanting silhouettes and shadows which mimic their flight path. In pairs they are engaging in that they appear to be in dialogue; in threes, fours and fives they appear to swoop and rise which lends them a rhythmical, almost musical quality. In ‘3s and 5’s particularly, they are reminiscent of the hugely popular row of ducks which graced the walls of the Colony’s homes during 1950s – though these feathered fellows are far more chic. In larger groups they are simply magical – they literally flock – one can almost hear the beat of their elegant wings.

Check out examples of composition ideas at the bottom of this page.


We offer a styling concept by creating a photographic mockup of your final selections of our items, seen on your own wall or space. We just need a well lit photo of the wall from as far back as possible, and a rough height and width measurement. Please email the image(s) to


  • Our consultation fees are based on the amount of species or budget that you have for ordering our works and applies as follows:
    • 3-10 works valued between $975 - $3,574.00.
      $90.00 Consultation Fee
    • 11-20 works valued between $3,575 - $6,824.00.
      $195.00 Consultation Fee
    • 21-39 works valued between $6,825 - $12,999.00.
      $350.00 Consultation Fee
    • Over 40+ works valued over $13,000.
      $500.00+ Consultation Fee - Please contact us for a quote.
  • Browse our website for available works, or contact us to visit our studio to select items and a time can be arranged.
  • Depending on the size of your order or budget:
    • we can offer a discounts or free shipping.
    • we may require full payment or a 50% deposit to secure your order.
  • Installation fees may be charged separately and may require travel costs. We can also refer you to a local installer if there is one in your area.


  • The consultation mock-up's are a guide to what your works could look like in your space. It can be difficult to get a true representation of what they will look like due to the nature of our photography, lighting and the actual colour and texture of glass etc.
  • Our images of our works are on a certain angle to show most of the species i.e. It all depends which height, angle/perspective you are looking at a wall from!
  • All of our birds are designed to fly left but the following species have the potential to fly right:
    • 6 small bird species - Bellbird, Fantail, Silvereye, Shining Cuckoo, Swallow, and Tomtit.
    • 3 large bird species - Saddleback, Saddleback (wings up) and Tui (the Tui is much larger in scale).
  • Please be aware that, as our birds are made to fly left that if you choose for the above species to fly right:
    • the birds' heads can look slightly awkward (particularly the Swallow) if you don't have the flock configuration a certain way.
    • there is an added risk of breakage if you screw them too tightly into a wall when flying right.
  • We provide a printed template to assist with installation.
    • Please note that we are not responsible for any issues with the wall or surface that you choose to install our works on and recommend that installation should be carried out by an experienced professional. Lukeke Design is not responsible for personal injury and/or property damage. Always seek specific advice on your art installation to ensure all variables are taken into consideration before you install our works.
    • Please use a masking tape that is suitable for the finish of your wall to place the paper template on to the surface.
    • Please ensure you drill the holes and install the wall anchors before carefully removing the template. You can install the birds over the template but recommend you remove the paper very carefully around the installed birds. Lukeke Design is not responsible for any breakages during installation.

      Check out examples of composition ideas below where we have shown our works in various configurations.



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